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Erotic Short Story The Night's Sinful Secrets


 The Night's Sinful Secrets

Erotic Short Story
~ Chapter 1 ~

Athena giggled to herself as she ran through the Marquis’s maze. She heard the hushed ramblings of boots pounding the dirt in the far off distance. It has to be him and a few of his men searching for me. They didn't sound close enough to catch up with her yet.

She ran deeper into the maze at a playful pace. The image of shock flashing over him pushed her further to the limits of just plane naughty foolishness and if she was honest with herself, she loved every second of it.

Jase's pulse tore through his veins like a raging river. He stopped at a split in the maze. “Quiet,” he shouted out. “All of you go to the entrance and wait for me there.” Gazing back at his choice before him he stilled his body, listening for any sign of her.

Damn it Athena. If I had known you would take me seriously I would have never dared you to do this. 

 A vision of Athena hiking up her skirts as she removed her shoes all while gazing at him with playful determination and then dashing away down the stone steps barefoot, crept up in his mind. Floating lavender chiffon whirled behind her as she ran towards the maze.

When Jase called out to her she paused for a brief moment. Wild long waves of dark chestnut hair fell lose as she removed her clip.  Even in the moonlight from a distance he could see her mischievous smile. “Are you too kingly to pursue what is your true desire, Grand Marquis?”

He hated when she teased him with the title.

To the right the trail looped back to the middle leading to the entrance. And to the left the path headed into the secret depths of exotic confusion. If one finds himself lost he may stay lost for days. That was the way it had been designed by his great grandfather. 

Jase strode off in the direction he knew she would head, left. To her going right would be pointless. Within minutes he saw what he had hoped wouldn’t. Taking up the purple scarf in his hand, Jase squeezed it into a ball. Foolish woman. Does she not know there are other people wandering in this maze?  Shaking his head he quickly corrected himself. No, she knows because it was all part of the bet I made her. And she will stop at nothing to prove me wrong.

“Good evening,” she said passing a couple walking by. I guess I am not alone out here. A small laugh emerged. I can’t believe I am doing this. He will without a doubt refuse the marriage now. Father is going to be so cross with me.

Athena traveled further down the trail with little thought as to what tomorrow will bring for her. She had objected to the arranged marriage pleading to her mother she wanted to marry for love and although she truly cared for the Marquis, Athena was positive he did not share her passion.

Tonight will be the night the Marquis changes his mind. His insistence of duty and nobility is not something I will ever base a marriage off of…ever.

Ten minutes later Jase came upon a stocking and then another one twenty paces from that. “Blood hell,” he muttered. He shoved them in his pocket and kept walking.

Not far from there a couple bowed and said their greetings. Jase barely acknowledged them as he mumbled, “Yes you as well.” A firm scowl situated upon him now. He couldn’t help it.

Everything I have been planning is about to be ruined along with my reputation. Love, ha. Passion is for the foolish with unrealistic ideas.  I mean I can be more than passionate but I do not feel the need to show it like a school boy, especial in public.

Athena turned the corner to the left. Beautiful sculpted hedges of loving couples arranged in a circle drew a small crowd. Lit by lanterns they seemed to almost dance in the moonlight.

I’ve never seen such a display.  Her eyes widened as she entered the circle. After a moment she gazed around to the others surrounding her. I am the only one here who is alone.

One particular sculpture reminded her of him. She reached out and grazed her fingers over the form. It’s an amazing liking to him. Closing her eyes Athena saw his face. Strong square jaw with a slight clef on his chin. Perfectly formed lips she was positive would be very kissable. Sensual large deep green eyes that hid within them a devilish fun side he never allowed out. Fashionable longer blond hair that Athena wanted to touch on so many occasions but couldn’t. “You are almost perfect,” she whispered.

She took one last glance and left but not before discreetly making a point to the Marquis. He won’t be able to miss that.  Athena bit up her bottom lip as she continued on.
~ Chapter 2 ~

Ten minutes passed and Jase rounded the same corner Athena had. He walked past the hedge display heading forward with focus. Wait. Jase turned back around and strolled through the figures. A few people were lingering about but there was no sign of her in there.

On his way out he passed by a striking piece. He remembered it from his childhood Jase's sister often sat by it. He gazed down and saw Athena’s undergarment that should have been covering her lower half lying at his feet. With a couple now behind him he kicked it under the hedge.

Does the woman not have an ounce of subtlety?  He ran his hand through his hair. I really almost want to walk away from this. I mean look at me. She has me chasing her down in the dark as she throws bits of her attire off her body.

Jase hesitated for a second before he reached out and took another piece of Athena’s underclothing from off a branch in front of him. The soft pink delicate silk glided in the most erotic way between his fingers. Jase drew the garment up to his face and took in the scent of her.

“Do you not want to kiss me?” She has asked him earlier that night. Her head tilted in such a way it caused him gaze in the other direction.

“Perhaps when we have a private moment and the time is right,” Jase answered her as he squeezed his eyes shut. The hidden hand from her balled into a tight fist out of frustration with himself.

From the corner of his eye he saw her draw closer. “You have to be curious as to how I kiss. What my lips feel like on yours. Aren’t you Marquis?” Her tone was sultry and her words seeped into him down deep where he had not wanted them to ever go. An unexpected tremble ran through him and he flinched.

Athena had not noticed as she had by then turned away from him. Jase stood staring at the woman who was to be his wife and the thought scared him. She scared him. He did not know if he could ever show her how he felt. It was not the way he was raised.

Jase shook his head from his thoughts and placed her garment in another pocket. This whole charade is ridiculous and it’s time to end it.

Fifteen minutes had gone by and he only encountered four couples walking in the opposite direction. Glancing up at the position of the moon he judged the time. “Ten o’clock about. Two more hours and her family will wonder where she has gone to.”

Just then a group of four men heavy in their drink walked towards him. They were all loud and stumbling. Jase looked to one of the men’s hands and saw Athena’s slip.

“Whose is that,” he barked.

The men all staggered to a halt. A man on one end said, “A lovely young lady who didn’t need it any longer.” He laughed and nudged the man next to him who then tumbled into the guy next to him.  

Jase took a step closer and leaned into the man who he now wanted to punch. “Where is the woman who was wearing this?” He reached out and snatched it from the man in the middle.

“Hey,” he protested.

Jase coughed at the stench coming from him.  “Bloody hell! Are you on a weeklong binge?”

“What is it to you? Give us back our lady wear. It’s for us not for you, chump.”

Jase began to see red. A thousand thoughts ran ramped through him and he wanted to start hitting until someone talked. He removed his coat. Began to roll his sleeves. “The first one who speaks will not be beaten and then hung. The rest of you will die tonight.”

They all stared at him. One idiot finally laughed. “It is four to one and you have not a single witness.”

“Ah yes you are correct but that’s the beauty about being a Marquis, I don’t need any,” Jase smiled at them.

With visibly shaken expressions they looked to one another.

“Well,” Jase said. “Who is to be first?”

“We found it up the path, Marquise.”

“It’s true!” another shouted. “We came across it on the ground.”

Jase eyed each of them. “And you saw no one?”

The men shook their heads and Jase sent them on their way. He took a deep breath and then walked on. He hated her for making him feel this way.

Three hundred paces ahead he spotted a bridge. As Jase drew closer to it he saw her dress draped over the side. His steady walk soon turned into a full on run. The pounding of his heartbeat pummeled in his ears.

Standing in the middle of the old wooden bridge he swung around every which way but did not see her. A surprising panic overwhelmed him. “Athena,” he bellowed as loud as he could.

His words were meant with silence. What do I do? She has to be close by.  “Athena please,” his cry echoed in the still night.

“Jase, I’m here,” she said in a calm voice.

He whipped around and didn't move as he took in the sight of her in the stream below. The moonlight shimmered off her bare shoulders. Her arms moved back and forth on the surface of the water making small ripples that hid what his eyes longed to see.

Walking slowly with heavy steps across the bridge and down to the shallow bank, he stopped. Athena ran her hand over the top of her head and down the length of her hair. His jaw clench tight. Water dripped from her milky skin in the most alluring way.

“Lady Brazewell, it is time to go.” He laid her dress down and turned from her hoping she would give in so they could leave. This is not so far gone as to have caused a scandal.

“Brazewell? A moment ago it was Athena.” She said.

He could hear swooshing of mini waves breaking behind him from her movements. Both his fists squeezed shut as he tried to force the urge to turn around out of his mind. Get a grip on yourself she is just a woman. Christ I’ve been with more than I can count so shake this off and get back to the estate.

Athena was watching his posture. She waited several minutes in quiet despair. The not knowing has plagued her since she first began to fall for him. Either he really does not desire me or he is just-

“Marquis,” she said.

Her silky tone reached him with potency. Jase’s breath caught. What the hell is wrong with me?

“Please look at me Marquis.” Her voice was soft and everything womanly it should be.

“I would like you to dress now so that we can leave. I will not turn to you now. It is not the right time.” He was barely able to maintain his voice from shaking. Jase started up the bank.

“Why do you fear me?” she asked.

Jase froze in place. His mind was blank. His body was burning with a heat he had never felt before. She asked the one question that he himself could not answer for him.

“Why do you fear this…us?” She asked in a louder tone this time. Athena needed to know right now if it was her he did not care for or if it was instead, what she dreamed and prayed for.  

He couldn’t think of a reasonable answer. Why is it so important for me to stop everything I am feeling for her?  The image of the way she gazes at him flashed in his mind and his heart leaped with cruel force. Standing with his hands on his hips, Jase gazed off across the lush fields.

Athena watched him turn to her finally. And even in the silver moonlight she could see his gaze had changed. A shiver smothered her in the humid night’s air. It was greedy and lustful and everything she had always wanted it to be.

Jase removed his coat. His hands found the buttons on his shirt and he slowly began working on them. “You are right. I do fear you. I fear us and the uncontrollable happiness that your eyes promise every time I look at you.”

Athena’s heart cried at his words. Every utterance was like a song to her heart, a melody she never wanted to stop hearing. She was still and waiting for more.

He freed another button. “I fear all the time the way I will finally feel when I kiss you. It honestly scares the shit out of me.” The second button was stuck and Jase fumbled with it.

She took in a breath to speak until she saw Jase rip open his shirt and toss it to the side. The magnificence of his chiseled chest stunned her.

He torn off his boots and socks. “What I fear most is that you may not feeling the way I do. Rejection. Heartbreak. The idea that once you find out whom I really am you will just start running and never look back. And me, I will be left with such a deep seeded pain my world will never again feel the same.”

Run? Like I was tonight. Oh how could I of been so foolish.

Athena stood up. Her naked skin glistened in the light. Jase’s eyes slowly trail down the length of her until the water stopped him mid-thigh. His firm arousal still inside his pants throbbed for her. Full supple breasts welcomed him. Pale smooth skin beckoned for his hands to explore wherever they desired to. The most beautiful velvety pink secrets awaited his discovery.

He began to remove the remainder of his clothing. “Since I am being honest here, I have the most wicked sinful fantasies about you. When we are together they torture me. So many times you titled your head to the right and I wanted nothing more than to kiss your neck.” Jase now stood on the bank not far from where she was and let her gaze at him. “Tonight, I will show you every little naughty desire I’ve carried for you, Athena.”

~ Chapter 3 ~

She stared at his long thick erection wondering how he would feel in her. The muscles in his legs bulged as he descended into the water towards her.

Athena watched him draw closer. The ripples he made cascaded up her thighs splashing against her, stimulating further her already swollen and ready flesh. Jase stopped just inches from her. It would be the first time they had ever touched.

“I am more than curious to know how you kiss. The thought of never being able to taste your lips taunts me at night, Athena. From the moment we met I have not stopped thinking about you.”

“You hid it well. I had no idea.” Her gaze was so soft. Jase reached out and gently touched the inside of her hands beneath the water with his fingertips. Athena trembled from the sensation of him. With his palms up he walked his fingers into her cupped hands.  She glanced down into the water. Is this even real.

“I’ve never felt this way before. I feel like I’m dreaming,” she said. Athena watched his fingertips leave her hands and trail up her arms. His touch was so tender yet powerful. Jase trace a slow line over her collarbones and then up the sides of her neck. “I had thought you did not want me.” She whispered as she tilted her head slightly to the right.

Through a heavy lidded gaze he watched her. “Never.” Was all he said before he leaned down and laid his lips to her skin for the first time. His eyes closed as he savored the moment. Feeling her quiver he knew everything she was feeling.  “My lips will never touch another the way they do now. You are more than I could have ever hoped for in this life,” he declared through his kiss on her.

Athena held her breath as his kiss depended on her. With a sudden surge of what she could only think to be as passionate fever she reached for him in an impulsive need.

 Jase felt her hands on his biceps and then a squeeze as he moved his lips down towards the base of her neck. Her verbal expressions emanated out from every little stroke as his lips fondled her skin. This was only pushing his desire to hear more. Louder Athena. Show me you want this as much as I do.

His erection was pressing against her belly. He wasn’t sure but he thought he may be dripping already. Move slow and don’t rush this.  Jase skimmed over her beautiful light nipple with closed lips at first. Teasing her roguishly the way he had fantasized doing so many nights.

She ran her hands into his hair. Wicked waves of pleasure washed over her when she felt him take her breast in finally. Light thrills of sensations trickled through her as he sucked gently. The warmth of his mouth engulfed her entirely and Athena’s head fell forward resting on his head. “Oh,” she cried.

His other hand slid to her waist and he pulled Athena up towards him. He loved hearing the whimpering pleas escape her as he took both of her large breasts into his mouth. Pulling with a passionate need Athena moaned loudly with delight.

Her body burned under his touch. Every caress left a mark of lustful greed as he squeezed her body. His nearly cruel torture on her flesh grew dangerously teasing to the rest of her body. More. Please Jase more. Words she wanted to say but could no longer form. Caught up in what he unleashed onto her, she was captivated by each stroke of his wick sinful toying.

Jase released her now sodden flesh from his mouth. Standing straight he placed either hand on her sides at her waist. “Athena,” he said in a low soft tone.

Opening her eyes she gazed up to meet his. Strong hands roused other places on her to attention. As he gripped her bottom and pulled her up she closed her eyes again. I don’t know how much more I can take of this taunting.

Their bodies touched the full length of each other and to Jase’s surprise she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed it. Fierce hunger started to shred what little control remained within him. He wanted so much to move Athena’s hand down to his aching length but he refrained.

Squeezing her bottom with long impassioned grasps he craved to taste her kiss but knew if he did right in that moment he would release from his length everything he fought to keep in. To feel her playful tongue tangling with his was his deepest desire.

Jase slid his hands back to her waist and gently pulled her slightly off him. Staring into her questioning eyes he softly ran his thumb over her lips. A Flash of shameless yearning washed over her gaze and he watched her lips part open taking his thumb in her hot moist mouth and closed the distance again between them.

Warm desire seeped out of him between the bodies as small dribbles of what he was trying to hold back seeped forth making contact with her belly.

Athena could feel a throbbing pulsation on her skin. She watched his eyes close for a moment. He removed his thumb and skimmed it over her stomach. Bringing his thumb back in front of her lips he gazed at his juices glistening across her lips as he trailed it over them like lip balm.

Athena slowly licked her lips as she nearly fell into an aroused spell. A warm wet sensation trickled down her thighs and she wanted him.

“Open your mouth,” He sounded primal to her.

Jase slipped his thumb in and Athena sucked on it sensually. “Mm,” she moaned.

Her eyes closed from the caress on her lower inner thigh. Fingertips trailed up in a slow unsteady line as he kneaded her skin roughly.

Oh she’s so wet. Her desire for him felt silky-smooth as he rubbed it into her thigh with ever growing firm grasps of her flesh. His trembling fingers made contact with her pink heaven.

“Jase,” she cried out.

It was the first time he heard his name come from her. “Say my name again,” He said as he pushed his finger into her gently.

“Oh God Jase!” Her cry was louder this time. Athena hadn’t meant to dig her nails into his shoulders but she did. Squeezing and grasping at his flesh he pushed in further and pulled back out.

He could tell by her reactions she had never been touched this way before, something up until now he had only assumed. Extremely tight wet muscles gripped his finger as he began to thrust faster within her. She is too tight. Damn it.

“Athena as wet as you are I don’t think I will fit without ripping you and I can’t bring myself to do that to you,” he whispered.

“No,” she protested. “Jase please.” Her tone was desperate sounding.

He slid a second finger in and pushed deep with one quick thrust. Athena’s grip on his skin dug into him. “Ah Jase,” she whimpered.

“I am four times this size, Athena. If you want to take me in, and believe me I want you to in the worst way, I need to stretch you out some.”

She shook her head in agreement as she felt Jase’s hand start to pound against her flesh. It was not enough. Athena need to feel more, she needed to feel him. Take him in your hand. Just feel him. She reached down with both hands softly wrapping them around his length. Athena felt him freeze suddenly from it. Oh no what have I done? I shouldn’t been so daring. She felt his hand cover her hands. Her instinct was to pull away but he stopped her.

“You are about to fulfill one of my fantasies, Athena.” Jase tightened his grip over her hands and showed her how to stroke him. After a moment he released his hand.

A naughty desire crept up in her mind as she stared at her hands on him. Without losing her grip on him she sunk into the water on her knees. She glanced quickly up at Jase who had his eyes closed tight. Athena took in a deep breath and slowly let it out.

Jase cried out, “Oh yes Athena.” He gazed down to see his length half way in her mouth. Gripping the base of his erection Jase said, “Slower.” His teeth gritted against his concentration to hold back. “Oh Athena,” he shouted through his teeth. Hearing her gag as she pushed down on him further caused him to throb painfully hard. Something about the sound of a woman chocking on a man’s length had always turned him on and watching her do it was the most pleasure full thing he had ever experienced.

Athena saw him squeeze his length as he moaned almost sounding as if he were in pain. And without warning he pulled himself out of her mouth and picked her up into his arms.

Without a word he carried her up the bank to a lush grassy area. He pause before setting her down and gazed into her eyes. Everything about him seemed to soften at that moment. Nothing needed to be said between them as he shifted her body so that her legs wrapped around his waist. Jase slowly sat down with her in his arms. To him it was the closest position for him to hold her. It was all he wanted right now.

Athena followed whatever way he wanted to place her. She trusted him completely. His gaze upon her was loving and passionate. To think she was almost foolish enough to drive him away or maybe it was just that that drew him closer. For her there was no other moment in time she wanted to remember more than this one right now.

Jase nestled her in his lap facing him. He had straddled her legs over his thighs with his knees bent. “God you are beautiful.” He said as he ran his hand up the side of her cheek cupping her gently.

His trembling fingertips played with her hair slightly and she found it endearing. Perhaps he is as nervous as I am. Athena gazed down to his lips that were inching closer to her. The moment before they touched she whispered, “I love you Jase.”

He paused and said, “Athena, you have captured every part of me, now kiss me.”

She closed the gap between them and opened her mouth in a deep kiss. What was a just so tender only a moment earlier now ignited into a passionate sinful lust to fulfill. Her tongue could not match his thrusting need to claim her through their kiss.

Long deep plunges into her mouth were just a small display of what she was about to experience and she knew it. Their bodies pulled each other closer and then closer yet, to the point they had nearly become one.

Athena could wait no longer. Pushing her knees down to the ground she lifted her bottom off his lap.

Jase grabbed his length and held it at her opening. “Go slow otherwise you’ll hurt-

The sudden tight caress of her around the tip of him silenced Jase. He took in a deep breath and held it.

She pushed down onto him further as she squeezed his shoulders. Jase didn’t dare wrap his arms around her fearing he would pull her on him and rip her more so than she will do herself.

Wild sensations whisked through her body as Athena took more of him inside her. Moans of pleasure emerge from her that she did not try to mask. He filled her to the depths of the most delicate places giving away to her desires.

Jase slid his hands around her back and cupped the top of her shoulders. With a small thrust up he penetrated her further.

“Yes Jase deeper,” she cried out into the night air.

He pushed up into Athena almost fully and she screamed with ecstasy. Jase dropped his knees to the ground and gripped her tight. “Athena,” his husky voice said.

She gazed down to him and he kissed her as his length pushed in her completely. “Oh,” she shrieked through their kiss. Athena pressed her lips against his and whimpered out something he couldn’t make out.

Jase cupped both her beasts as he pushed them together. One wicked flick of his tongue and Athena began to grind his length with steady yawning movements.

“Jase.” It was the only word she repeatedly uttered. From the sound of her tone he knew she was close to release. He gripped her around the waist and helped her move, rubbing her hard against him. Quick short thrusts penetrated her. The feel of his throbbing length inside her was blinding out all other senses. His hard grip on her held her right where she needed to be.

“Release what you are holding back, Athena. Let me in deeper,” he said with his lips next to her ear. Jase felt her thighs soften on his and he pushed hard with unearthing thrusts.

Athena’s back arched and she let out a wild scream of pleasure. Jase could withhold no longer and spilled himself deep inside her tight warmth as he grabs her and kissed her hard.

Her head finally fell to his shoulder and he held her limp body to him in his arms. He gazed up to the stars shining brightly above them. Jase finally felt whole. He had found the missing piece in his life. Holding her a little tighter he laid his lips on the top of her head.

Athena kissed the skin she rest on. “You are perfect in every sinfully way.”

Jase chuckled. “This night’s sinfully secrets are one of many to come.”

She gazed up to him with a seductive smile. “I love you.”


Happy Ever After End


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This blog is new and I'm still gathering stories to post. Please stop back soon to enjoy the stories I'm slowly posting. Happy Reading!

~ Cary

12:03 North Bound Quickie

12:03 North Bound

The flash of headlights and street lamps rushed by her reflecting in the train window lighting up the area where she sat. Most of the over head lights were out or flickering around her. The sun had set many hours ago giving way to the buzz of night life. She had caught the last train back from the city hoping it would be barren.

The humor of his offer made her blush in the dark alone. Tempting as it was, she could never bring herself to accept it. The cool feel of the glass window against her head only mildly tampered her growing heat at the thought of meeting him on a train for the first time. Even more so, the thought of having meaningless sex in a moment of spontaneous passion was not who she was. The secret longings she carried would remain secret from the world.

The train slowed to a stop and again her car remained empty as it pulled away from the station. Soon the lulling sound of the wheels over the tracks eased her back into her thoughts. Slipping off her shoes from her tired feet she brought her knees up and rested her feet on the bench across from her.

She watched her legs rock with the motion of the train. It caused her to wonder what his hands would look like on her skin. Biting up her bottom lip, she touched the top of her thighs palms down and ran a soft gentle line to her knees. The red polish on her nails stood out on her milky soft skin. Her hands circled back down between her thighs pushing the soft pink cotton dress up. She was sure her black panties were peaking out.

With her eyes closed thinking about all the promised passion he offered, she felt daring and sexual. There was something so erotic about the motion of the train and the quick flashes of light moving across her in the seat. Her knees fell further apart. The feeling of her own warm moist skin was making her wet. She arched back as her fingertips skimmed over her sodden panties. A force of pleasure and longing surged through her body calling for more.

Sliding her hand down inside her panties, she grazed over her naked skin feeling hot swollen wet flesh begging to be pleasured. She allowed her middle finger to stroke over her clit triggering a slight quiver as her knees drew up. With un quickened movements, she slides her middle finger between her lips and back up circling her clit again.

Hearing her own voice let out a moan of delight she had not even noticed the train had stopped. Her hands seemed to be exploring her as if for the first time. Her breath grew into a soft pant with the increasing pressure of her fingers on her wet clit. She licked her top lip letting it linger in the corner of her mouth as her body demanded more, bring her closer to the flood of release.

The train jolted forward catching her attention. She gazed up and saw him standing there. A hungry gaze washed over him before her. They were alone and for the first time meeting face to face.

“Don’t stop,” he said softly to her. He was nearly a dark shadow in the dim car. The depth of his voice was so erotic to her. He sounded commanding knowing what he wanted from her in that moment.

She gazed down to her hand inside her panties. He walked towards her and lifted her leg closest to him and sat down across from her resting her foot on top of his knee. She looked at his hand around her ankle. He was tan against her skin. Reaching down he placed her other foot on his other knee.

He watched her pull the panties further off to the side. Her hand starts to move along her skin slowly. She watches him as he watches her hand. Her legs fall open further reveling all of herself to his eyes. His grip around her ankles tightens as she does. A sudden excitement washes over her at the thought of him watching her touch her pussy. She felt sexy and dirty.

She sits up slightly and pulls off her pink summer dress baring her black silk and lacy bra to him. The dress slides from her hand to the seat next to her. His eagerness for her to uncover all he has been fantasizing about shows on his face.

Reaching up behind her she unclasps her bra. Her breasts easily bounce out of it with the motion of the train. He gazes with a heavy stare as she slips her arms out and lets it glide from her hand to the floor. The only thing that separates her from his desire is her panties. She is aware of this and for that reason leaves them on.

Leaning back to the seat she again pulls the material off to the side and grazes her finger tips over her very wet pussy for him. With deliberately slow movements she spreads open her lips feeling the cool air wash over her moist swollen flesh.

He watches her rub her pussy. “Slide your finger in,” he demands. He sees her finger enter and with one thrust in he watches her start to drip with desire. Without thinking, he slips from the seat and kneels before her. His tongue teasingly licks at her opening as she fingers herself slowly. Her back arched with a deep pleasure of his touch. She had imagined and fantasized so many times of this moment.

Her moan echoed throughout the car in the dark for him and him only to hear. His tongue trailed down the crack of her ass where all her wet desire for him pooled. His mouth lingered for a moment. Moving back up, he was not tender about it. Grabbing for her hand he pulls her finger out closing his mouth around it. Their eyes lock and her mouth parts slightly as he teases her finger with his tongue. Trailing his tongue down between her fingers he slid his tongue between them suggesting what he was about to do to her pussy. He let her hand fall from his and he slides his tongue inside her as deep as he could go. God she is tight. This pussy is going to feel so fucking good sliding up and down my fucking cock.

She took up the material of his shirt at his shoulders and moaned, “John.” He had been waiting to hear her voice, for her to say his name. This moment was going to replay in his mind for a long time.

He flicked sucked and licked at her opening. Every motion made her crazed with a need for more of his touch, his tongue, and more than anything, his hard cock. She craved to feel the first thrust of him, of his cock into her. She tried to rise up and off the seat towards him, but he pushed her back down.

He smiled at her with the most devilish of smiles. “I am not done with you yet.” He could see the frustration of her desire to control what she wanted to happen in her expression. Tracing a circle around her opening he asked her, “Do you want me?”

Her gaze was wild. She felt his finger enter her pushing deep. As his touch grew needy with his own desire to be in her, she started to peak. His gaze never left hers as her body and cries of long awaited release exploded.

He leaned over her. Pulling his hand from inside her and he cupped her breast firmly. She felt his eager warm mouth cover her nipple. This was too much for her to handle. “John, please I need to feel you inside me.”

Soft labored words of her begging desire, got to him and he ripped the panties from her body. She gasped with surprise. He stood and removed his pants just as fast. Grabbing her around the waist he pulled her on top of him.

They were now face to face. She studied him for a moment almost as if she was silently introducing herself to him. He ran his hand up threw her hair and he squeezed tilting her head to the side. Their lips lingered but an inch away from one another until, finally, he closed the distance.

He pulled her body closer rubbing her dripping wet pussy on the length of his hard long cock. He moaned into her mouth and he felt her body tense.

The vibration of his voice rushed through her like a fire. This only fueled her need to feel him penetrate deep inside her. She was throbbing for him. Lifting her bottom up, his cock landing at her opening and intense gaze in his eyes told her he would not tease her any longer.

She slid her pussy slowly onto the tip of his cock and that was all it took for her to cum on him. He was big and it had been a long time since she had been with another.

He grabbed at her waist and squeezed her tight as she went yet further down the length of his dick. Whimpers of his name escaped past her lips as she did. His hands moved to her ass as she took him in deeper and deeper. Her bottom made contact with his thighs and she sat still for a moment adjusting to his size. She kissed him hard, harder than any other person before him.

She found a rhythm with the motion of the train. Her stop was coming up soon which meant she had but 5 minutes. She whispered to him, “I want to feel you fill my pussy with your cum, John. I want to fuck your big cock until I feel your exploding release deep inside me.”

She moved her tight wet pussy up and down on him with a slow steady motion until she felt a sharp pinch of the start of his explosion within her.

After a moment she climbed off of him and grabbed her purse and pulled out some tissues, shoving them between her legs. They felt the train begin to slow as it approached her stop. Grabbing her bra she placed it in her purse and threw her dress over her head. John handed her shoes to her.

Smiling at him she took them and hurried to the door.

John called out to her before she descended down the steps,“Caroline.”

She stopped and turned. Their eyes locked one last time. As she watched the corners of his mouth turn up, she blew him a kiss.

John walked back over to where they had just been entangled into one another. Bending down he picked up her torn black panties from off the seat. As the train pulled away he watched her run along the sidewalk and away from him.

After Hours with Dr. Cock

After Hours with Dr. Cock

WARNING! If you are offended by the following words pussy, cock, cunt, dick, finger (as in fingering her wet pussy), fuck, fucking, and bitch.... Or, but not limited to the miss use of Dos Equis beer, Then STOP and leave this page but I may be pissed. It took me a long time to write it. lol!

Meet Dr. Cock. Part time recovering gambler and drug enthusiast. He runs his practice after hours mainly because he sleeps in until 3 p.m. He loves cowboy boots on himself, beer, and the color blue.

This is Jane the assistant. Former church girl she found herself in trouble for accepting money for blow jobs. Jane still to this day claims it was to feed the hungry in 3 world countries. She loves working, sunny days, and sexy things...(shh it's code for pussy)

The Office is Now open...

Dr. Cock sat at his desk in his office reviewing patient files. This was a long fucking day, he thought to himself as he grabs the chilled dos equis sitting next to the stack of files. The office had closed down over an hour ago. Leaning back in his chair he shot back the rest of his beer. “One of you is not going to do it tonight.” He mumbled to the empty bottle in his hand. Spinning his chair around he rolled over to the mini frig not far from his desk. He caught his reflection on the frig after closing it. “Could you get any better looking?” he asked himself and then winked.

Going back to his desk he popped off the cap and took a big swig. Ahhh that is helping. He looked back to the stack of files waiting for his John Hancock. Shit! I should be out at the bar right now.

His attention flew to the door. The person on the other side knocked again. He could make out the figure of a woman thru the glass window of the door. Pausing for a moment admiring his own name in overly large blue lettering on the door. I think that needs to be bigger. He thought to himself.

"Yes," Dr Cock said.

"I don't have an appointment but I saw your light on and I was wondering if you could see me," the woman said.

"Come in," he said. He starred at the woman in the doorway wearing a short soft tight blue summer dress. Low cut in the front revealing her full breasts. Her skin was moist and flush. "What seems to be the problem Miss?" His deep tone echoed in the empty office.

"I believe I have a fever…Dr." Her gaze at him was seductive. She slowly bit up her bottom lip. "I feel so hot and I was hoping you could help me."

He smiled at her. "I could but my methods for this are not, shall we say...traditional. You may need a series of injections. My instrument is quite large and long."

Her long thick eyelashes fluttered at him a few times. The golden brown color of her eyes brightened. She closed the door behind her and said, "Oh no? Well, will it hurt?"

Dr. Cock skimmed over her body and then back up to her eyes. "It might and please call me Dr. Cock. All my after hour patients do." He watched her smile widen as she walked closer to his desk from a cross the dim lit room. Her movements were slow. Her hips swung slower with every step towards him. He clenches his teeth together and watched her through a heavy gaze. His dick was growing harder with every step she took. She had sultry curves just the way he liked. "I will need you to remove all your clothing."

Without another word, she began to unbutton the front of her dress. She watched him watch her as she slid her dress from her shoulders, letting the material trail across her bare breasts. The sensation of it caused her large pinkish nipples to tighten. The pale blue dress puddled at her feet exposing her pantie less body.

Dr. Cock motioned with his finger and added, “Come here.” His tone was commanding. He pushed the stack of files over in front of him forcing them to fall to the floor. He positioned her between himself in the chair and his desk. He stood up and said, “You will need a full examination.”

She quickly licked her lips. “I was hoping you would say that Dr. Cock.” She reached down and skimmed her fingers over her wet swollen pussy. “I’m especially hot here.”

“Are you now? I think I have something for that.” He said as he watched her slide her finger between her sodden lips. He loved the sound of a wet pussy and her’s sounded especially wet. He took a hold of her hand and brought it up close to his mouth. Pausing for a brief moment he smiled. “I would say you are very wet.” He took her finger between his lips and sucked it hard.

 She moaned slightly as he caused her entire body to tingle. “Do I taste hot Dr?”

He slipped her finger out of his mouth. “No, you taste like pussy lady, and call me Dr. Cock.” Grabbing his Dos Equis beverage, he swigged half of it down. “Ahhh,” he said then looked at her with a raised eyebrow, “The after taste of wet cunt in my mouth bothers me.” He then smiled at her when he placed the cool bottle between her legs.

“Oh! Dr. Doc Cock it’s so cold!” She gasped feeling him slide the bottle back and forth against her pussy.

“It’s Dr. Cock and yes it is but does it feel good?” he asked.

She sat up on top of his desk and spread her legs open. “Very, but I am hotter inside my pussy Doc Cock…will you-
Before she could finish he had shoved the bottle up inside her and was thrusting in and out.

This moment was not like any other. Dr Cock’s mind had become black and this patient mouth was offering his desire light. His body began to feel it was floating through a cloudless sky. Just then the doorbell rang.

Oh fuck who the hell as at the door. Dr. Cock moved his head up and slowly looked down at the beauty that lied beneath him. Her eyes were whispering to take her.

“I'm sorry I got to see who is at the door.” He forcefully pulled away as his patients grip showed she demanded more treatment.

He made the way to the door. He had the worst luck. It was Jane, his intern from Mississippi. He had called her after his 12th or 13th beer. She was going to be his sober driver to the hood for the meds he needed.

“Dr Cock, I'm here to take you to the pharmacist to pick up the medications for tomorrows morning patients.” She said softly from the other side of the door.

Dr. Cock had found the perfect clueless intern but this was the wrong night. She never comprehended that doctors don't pick up patients prescriptions in the back alley of abandon houses. Dr. Cock had hired her on whim. Once she heard the word doctor that night at the processing area of the local jail she was hooked.

Reluctantly he opened the door. “Jane, I have an afterhour’s patient here tonight that I will need to finish treating before we go.”

“Oh, ok Dr. Cock. What is her ailment? Will it take long?”

“Well Jane, it might take some time but if you want to assist it might speed things along.”

“Ok,” she replied.

As they walked back in the room, the patient quickly covered her wet spot. “It's ok, this is my assistant Jane. She is an intern and is going to assist me in your treatment.” He said to her and then turned to Jane. “Jane, I have conducted only the first part of the examination and I need you to tale her vitals.” His patient was still in a state of euphoria and it didn't seem to bother her that Dr. Cock’s assistant was going to soon be participating. This skewed idea of a full medical exam was neither his first nor his last.

Dr. Cock remembered that his medical book told him never to overlook anything and to always do a full evaluation. The only problem was he never read the chapter of what a full evaluation required. He knew he would have to wing it. He decided to start with breast exam.

“Lady, I need you to lay back.”

“Yes Mr.Cock,” she replied.

He narrowed his eyebrows. “It’s Dr. Cock.” He could not believe how lucky he was; this patient had just the kind of body he spent thousands of dollars on at the strip clubs. Dr. Cock loved a large c or a small d. Anything bigger was far too heavy and reminded him of his cousins rack. Anything smaller brought back too many memories of fondling his buddy’s chest. Taking X with a friend who is in love with you is never a good idea. Reach around was nice though.

“Ms, I am going to check you for abnormalities of the breast and it will require me to check your sensitivity to touch ok?”

 “Yes Dr., please take your time I don't want you to miss anything,” She replied with obvious lust smoothing her every word.

“It’s Dr…oh never mind,” he muttered.

 Dr. Cock remembered from his readings that a tongue had thousands of sensors and thought what better way than to evaluate her breasts than with his mouth. As his mouth touch her breast he noticed his patient’s right hand dart to her still dripping cunt. Within moments her other hand flew to his trouser zipper. His tongue soon began to wrestle with her hardening nipple. He felt as though he was in tag team match by himself, he was determined to keep both nipples fully aroused. He wasn't gonna let her body down or disgrace the online two week class he took to get his license.

“Jane?” Glancing around she was nowhere to be found. Looking back down to his patient he kissed her hard. She met his kiss with a needy desire for more. A kiss that stated take me.

This kiss was starting to feel like a great fuck, he thought. “Jane!” He shouted.

“Yes Dr. Cock.” His patient under him answered.

He looked down to his patient, “Is your name Jane?” She shook her head yes and then began to kiss his neck. “Jane!” he yelled.

“Yes,” the patient answered again.

“Lady, please. I’m trying to find my assistant.” Sliding down from the table he saw Jane enter the room from the office. “Jane I need your hands.”

“Alright,” she answered as she crossed the room. “What should I do?”

“As you can observe I’m performing a breast examine…so I need you to pull down my pants and remove them completely, immediately. This patient has been waiting long enough, Jane.” His tone was stern. “Cowboy boots first.”

“Yes,” the patient said.

“My apologies, Dr.Cock.” She did as she was instructed. Unbuttoning his jeans she slid her hands between the material and his skin. He was moist and really hot. Jane licked her lips as she felt a sudden tingle in her panties.

He gazed back over his shoulder and said, “Jane, my boots stay on always in a situation like this. You know how good I look in them.”

Jane pushed them back onto his feet. Looking up she was staring straight at his ass. Without warning to herself she licked the underside of his check.

“Jane.” He said. She moaned as she ran her mouth around to the front of him and sucking up one of his nuts. “You r getting a 10.00 raise Jane.”

“Yum Mr. Dr., I believe my symptoms are growing worse.” The patient stated.

“My assistant is preparing the instrument needed for your injections.” Dr. Cock flashed her a smile to charm her needy pleading. “It will be but a moment longer I promise.”

He pulled away from the table and pulled Jane up on her feet. Her lips were swollen from sucking him so hard. “Can you please prep the patient now?” He pointed to the patient’s wet dripping pussy.

Jane’s smile widened. “It would be my pleasure. I’m always eager to learn new techniques for treatment.”

He slid a rolling stool over to her with his foot. “Disrobe and sit.” Jane followed instructions and began the prep work. “Licking the patient’s clit was step #1.” He said.

Dr. Cock walked over to the frig and grabbed another beer. He then leaned up against the chilled frig and let out a yelp and the surprise of it on his ass. The outburst did not disrupt the procedure taking place to his relief.

The patient was now ready for the next step. He was only clued in when she began screaming, “Finger me now!” Jane had looked at him for approval and he gave her a nod. Grabbing another stool he thought it to be good to oversee the fingering.

Jane slid her finger slowly into the patient’s overly wet vaginal canal. Dr. Cock leaned in closer over Jane’s shoulder. “That’s perfect Jane.”

Jane smile at his comment. “Should I go a little faster? I feel like I should really be thrusting her hard.”

He tilted his head looking at the patient then said, “No the will not be necessary quit yet.” He moved back over Jane’s shoulder. He let out a small chuckle. “God, I love that sound.” He leaned a little closer taking a big whiff. “Oh and the smell of a really wet cunt makes my cock throb.”

Jane bit up her bottom lip. “Yes I agree, Dr.”

He reach for her hand and lightly twisted it. “That’s it Jane like that. Give her a rounded twist as you thrust…perfect.” This caused more wet desire to seep out of the patient. “See, Jane you are a natural,” he stated.

“Thank you Dr. Cock!” She watched her finger fuck the pussy in front of her with intent concentration. Her hopes were if she performed this correctly Dr. Cock may let her jack-off a male patient next time. Hopefully not an old one for her first.

“Jane stand up but do not stop treatment. She rose from the stool. Dr.Cock pulled one of her legs up and placed her foot on the stool. He whispered, “I think you should test the injection to make sure it is…adequate enough to be given.”

He shoved a finger deep into Jane in one thrust. “Please slide another finger into the patient Jane.”

He pounded Jane and her moist pussy was very tight around his finger. Bending her forward he instructed her to flick her tongue on the patient’s clit. He slowed his pace and watched Jane’s finger push in and out. It was Jane’s nail polish color that was turning him on. “I love your nail color, Jane.”

Electric blue against the pink pussy aroused to him, which would explain why he was always is caught wear reminisce of it on his cuticles. Thought Jane. She wanted to slide her tongue inside the patient and did it without asking.

“That’s it Jane. Take the initiative. Tongue fuck her deeper and wiggle it rough.” If he hadn’t snorted so many god damn lines earlier he would have come by now just from watching this. But yet there was still the patient to consider. His other hand slipped around and his finger made contact with Jane’s clit. He was determined to make her cum so he could finish off the patient.

“Oh Dr. Cock that feels so so good!” Jane thrust her tongue wickedly inside the patient causing the woman to begin to peak. He stared at her tongue licking and sucking all the patient’s wet cum seeping out. Jane herself started to cum.

He pulled out finger. “Thank you Jane. Excellent work tonight and your pussy is too tight for long fucking at this time. You might want to invest in a dildo or something. Jane stood up turned to him and smiled. “Dear God Jane! Wipe your face you look as if you’ve eaten a box of glazed donuts from the waiting room.” Jane licked her lips eagerly obviously still horny.

Dr. Cock pushed the patient back further on the table. He grabbed her hair as he pulled his body on top of her. He prayed that his examination table was designed strong enough to withstand the ride that was about to take place.

He asked Jane hold the patient’s knees up by her head. Jane did as asked and watched his long dick slid inside the patient’s pussy slowly. Jane’s large breast were slapping the patient in the checks. The woman opened her mouth and covered Jane’s nipple. Jane did not have enough of Dr. Cock’s cock. She needed more.

He slammed his erect cock in deep. The patient bit down on Jane’s nipple. Jane loved it. “I think you should go harder Dr. Cock,” Jane breathlessly stated.

Dr. Cock smiled at Jane and push in as deep as her body allowed him to go. “Like this Jane?”

“Yes now again,” Jane answered. She knew he was turned on by the fact she was watching him. He leaned up on his knees. “Oh that is a good injection angle Dr.” She could see the full length of his cock as he pulled back. It glistened with the patient’s wet juices all over it. He placed a thumb over her clit and began to rub. Jane felt her nipple being flicked fiercely. “The patient seems to be responding well Dr.”

He gazed down at his thumb massaging the patient’s pussy. Increasing the pressure of his thumb he fucked her until she came.

Jane handed the patient her dress and moved her towards the door. “Thank you Mr. Dr. Cock. I think I will come back next week for a follow up.”

“Yes please do but next time the charges will be doubled. You take too much time lady. And next time bring beer,” He said.

Jane shut and locked the door. “I will begin to clean up then we can close up.”

He grabbed Jane’s arm and pulled her towards the table. “I am not finished for the night yet.” He brushed over her wet skin with his hand pulling her lips between his fingers teasingly. Her long big lips snapped back like a rubber band.
Jane gazed up and his overly white teeth against his fake orange tan sparkled. She took a hold of his cock with both hands and stoked him hard and slow.

He glanced down and asked, “My boots look good don’t they?” Jane smiled and motioned yes. “They look especial good when I’m naked.”

Jane quickened the pace of her rubbing. This is like using my sister shaker weight. He’s so long and thick.

Dr. Cock took a step back and Jane knew what he wanted. She reached out for a stool and sat down in front of him. Without delay she took him into her mouth.

Watching Jane’s lips close around his dick was causing a throbbing pain. “Jane, that feels so good. Go down further. Oh that’s it.” He ran his hands threw her hair. “I’m going to fuck your too tight pussy soon.” His head fell back when Jane started to fondle his balls. “Oh Jane,” he moaned in a low tone. “That’s it slide your warm lips down all the way. Suck it.”

Jane grabbed his butt with both hands and forced herself down on his cock. His body tightened and he squeezed her hair between his fingers. Suddenly her pulled her off, picked her up, and placed her on the table. He pulled out the stir-ups and Jane placed her leg in each one.

Dr. Cock sat on the stool and teased her opening with the tip of his finger. “I think you may need a pap smear.

“Oh.” Jane replied. “I don’t have any in stock Dr. You used the all on the college swim team last week.”

He paused for a moment remembering how fun those girls were all naked in the room together wearing nothing but their goggles and swim caps. “Yes we won’t need one. I can improvise with my finger.

Jane smiled. His finger slid in and she let out a gasp. “Jane, reach down and rub your clit for me…slowly.”

She thought back to his comment about her polish color. Rubbing as he wished, Jane moved her finger down inside herself as he watched.

He like what he saw. His cock pained again. Jane’s other hand moved to rest on her inner thigh. Dr. Cock licked over Jane’s finger as it pulled out and in of her bald pussy. He slipped his tongue inside her after moving her hand out of the way.

“Dr,” she moaned. “I need your big cock in me.” He bit up her clit and then her pussy lips and sucked. Repeating this until Jane was seeping for him.

“Jane, I think you are ready now for my awesome hard cock.” He placed the tip of his dick at her opening. “I will start off slow and then-

“Will you stop talking and just do it!” Jane shouted. Suddenly feeling guilty she added, “I need you in me now Dr.”

Dr. Cock pushed her open with the head of his dick. “Oh you’re tight!” He pushed in further. He gazed down and watched his hard erection slowly open her pussy wider. Grabbing at her hips he drove himself deeper.

“Yes! More Dr. Deeper!” Jane pleaded as she arched up. “Make my pussy unfasten it’s depths for you. My vulnerable pussy is at the mercy of the mammoth girth of your cock.” Jane grabbed at his ass and pulled him into her further. “Prance upon my pussy with that titanic length of cock!”

“Jane that is very classy of you to say.” He reached her top and paused. He gazed down at her and asked, “Could you write that down for me later. It would be awesome to add that to my facebook profile or with pictures.” He wiggled back and forth inside her causing Jane to call out in pleasure. “The office website is down again otherwise I’d post it there.”

“Yes God yes Dr!” Jane shouted. He began to thank her until he realized she cried out because she was coming. Feeling her wet release push out of her pussy and down his nuts he fucked her hard.

Jane opened her eyes and saw he was gazing at himself in the medicine cabinet glass doors, smiling. She rolled her eyes. “Dr?” He was too engulfed in his own reflection and his boots. “Dr!” her voice grew louder.

His gaze whipped to her. Jane ran her fingers with the polish on them over her tits and squeezed.

“Jane that is hot.”

She pushed up her boobs to her mouth and flicked her tongue over her own nipples. It was working and he was almost there. She rubbed and sucked her erect nipples and moaned for him to fuck her harder.

He reached down and took one of her hands and sucked on her fingertips. “I want to taste your pretty polish.

“Jane smiled and said, “I’ll paint your nails this color after you cum in my pussy Dr.” His eyes glazed over and he came deep inside her screaming “Pretty blue on me!”

Dr. Cock’s feet found the floor. “I think we should stop by the pharmacy in the morning. It’s late and I really need my beauty sleep, Jane.”

She agreed and handed him his pants. After dressing and Dr. Cock’s one more beer they walked to the front door. Jane shut the lights off.

As they walked out Dr. Cock asked, “Did you mean what you said about painting my nails?”

Until Your Next Appointment


Dr. Cock