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The Night's Sinful Secrets
Erotic Short 3 chapter Story

(Small Preview Below)

Ten minutes passed and Jase rounded the same corner Athena had. He walked past the hedge display heading forward with focus. Wait. Jase turned back around and strolled through the figures. A few people were lingering about but there was no sign of her in there.

On his way out he passed by a striking piece. He remembered it from his childhood Jase's sister often sat by it. He gazed down and saw Athena’s undergarment that should have been covering her lower half lying at his feet. With a couple now behind him he kicked it under the hedge.

Does the woman not have an ounce of subtlety? He ran his hand through his hair. I really almost want to walk away from this. I mean look at me. She has me chasing her down in the dark as she throws bits of her attire off her body.

Jase hesitated for a second before he reached out and took another piece of Athena’s underclothing from off a branch in front of him. The soft pink delicate silk glided in the most erotic way between his fingers. Jase drew the garment up to his face and took in the scent of her.

“Do you not want to kiss me?” She has asked him earlier that night. Her head tilted in such a way it caused him gaze in the other direction.

“Perhaps when we have a private moment and the time is right,” Jase answered her as he squeezed his eyes shut. The hidden hand from her balled into a tight fist out of frustration with himself.

From the corner of his eye he saw her draw closer. “You have to be curious as to how I kiss. What my lips feel like on yours. Aren’t you Marquis?” Her tone was sultry and her words seeped into him down deep where he had not wanted them to ever go. An unexpected tremble ran through him and he flinched.

Athena had not noticed as she had by then turned away from him. Jase stood staring at the woman who was to be his wife and the thought scared him. She scared him. He did not know if he could ever show her how he felt. It was not the way he was raised.

Jase shook his head from his thoughts and placed her garment in another pocket. This whole charade is ridiculous and it’s time to end it.

 Hot Erotic Burn


One Night Of Passion
Prologue Preview

(Small Perveiw Below)

Kate felt him grab her arm from behind her and yank her into the hallway. She offered no resistance. She did not even care if anyone had seen them. He led her down the dark hallway to the back of the house towards the east wing. He said nothing as he walked with angry force along the hardwood floors. His large black boots echoed throughout the empty space as they struck the floor.

The glass double doors to the conservatory creaked loudly when he opened them. Moonlight flooded the room filled with exotic vegetation, casting shadows all around them.

He whipped her body around to face him as he shoved her against the wall. His gaze was fierce and his body shook from frustration.

Kate felt herself grow breathless. In all the years she has known him, she had never seen him this angry before. Looking back on it now, she may have pushed him too far this time. He looked crazy.

He took a step towards her and placed his hands on either side of her head on the stone wall. Kate flinched slightly. He leaned in closer and starred at her with an intensity that struck to her core. At this moment she knew her plan may have been a bad idea.

His breath was labored like a bull ready for battle. It blew Kate's dark chestnut hair around her face as it tickled her cheek. She did not dare give it attention; she did not dare move her gaze from his.

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A Forbidden Love So Passionate They Will Do Anything To Save It
Connor Welling & Missy Ashton

A Forbidden Love
Short Romantic erotic Story

Preview of Chapter 1

With a torch in one hand, he took her hand in his other and pulled her towards the stairs leading down.

"Wait!" she cried. Gazing back to the guards quickly closing in on them, she had but moments to decide. Nervously clenching her night gown in her hands she squeezed her eyes shut. The pounding of the guards feet were drawing closer. "Missy," she heard him say. Opening her eyes she gazed down at him with breathless un decidedness. "Where are you taking me?" Missy asked him.

"Somewhere we will not be found, and you will be safe." He held out his hand to her once more. "Please Missy," his tone was deep and commanding. She could see fear in his eyes.

"I see her! This way!" One of the guards shouted.

If she didn't make a decision soon there fates will be sealed. "Conner," she whispered to him and placed her hand in his.

He smiled and said, "I would have taken you anyways. You know that don't you?" He watched her lips curl up in that tender way that had first caught his eye. A shadow of dark gray covered Missy before him. She screamed with surprise. Her hand left his and she was dragged away.

Conner felt his body falling backward and then an excruciating thud to his head. They must have tumbled down two flights of stairs before stopping in a mangled pile. Three of the four guards rose to their feet. The forth lay dead with a broken neck. "Take Lord Welling to his father," one of them said and then spit on Connor's feet. He pulled Connor's head up by his hair. "Ha, he shouldn't be any trouble now."

"And the lady?" one of the others asked.

"Secure her in the dungeon. I will deal with her shortly myself."

The others laughed wickedly. I need to get up. She needs me. He could not even manage to lift his own head up. Fighting the black silence that was coming for him was mute. Connor blacked out.
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Seductive Deception

Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion

~ Chapter 1 ~

(Small Preveiw Below)
“Let go of my wrist, Grant.” Dean stilled himself listening to the conflict just around the corner from him down the hallway.

“You did not possible think I would allow you to leave with the contents of my safe did you now, Kit?”

Dean heard her chuckle in a low sultry tone. He imagined she would be throwing her head back at the man.

“Grant, I think Miss Bethany has been feeding you far too much bubbly tonight. For you to think I might be so deceiving and naughty is, well, iniquitous.” Grant cleared his throat. Kit let out a slight playful giggle. “Perhaps we could continue this discussion somewhere more suitable. Your chambers possibly.

“I suppose we could also remain right here.” Grant said as he grabbed her shoulders. “Oh now don’t shy away Kit. It’s not very becoming of you and nothing like the strong woman you portray yourself to be.”

Dean was still listening and could hear everything. That poor bastard. He didn’t even see it coming. Although neither did I a year ago. He leaned forward. ”Pft, what a fool.” Pushing himself off the wall to make his way back towards the doorway and out into the ballroom. Dean paused as he heard her scream out. It was the type of scream that calls to a man any man around for help.

Kit struggled to keep her balance under his pressing weight. The man already had his trousers down and was ripping at her skirts. “No!” Kit felt a sudden gust of air fill the space around her where Grant had been standing. Gazing down the hallway she saw a tall man with dark long hair pulling Grant behind him.

She glanced around for any signs of witnesses. Placing her hand to her chest she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to steady her breathing for a moment. After a couple of seconds she opened her eyes and there before her stood the man who had saved her.

“Are you alright?” He asked. His voice deep and soft. Kit could only manage to shake a confirmation yes. “Let’s get you out of here.” He took her arm gently and led the way down the corridor to the back of the estate.

“I have a carriage and will take you to where you need to go,” Dean said and then gazed down to her face. She was staring out across the maze of manicured bushes.

“I was staying on the east side on London square but I fear he may come for me there,” Kit said softly.

Dean remained still just observing her body language of what he could see in the dark. This is a bad idea. You’re asking for trouble with this one. “I will bring you back to my estate with me. I have plenty of extra rooms.” With locks and keys thank God. “In the morning my driver will take you wherever you like.”

Kit’s gaze fell to the stone balcony. “I couldn’t possibly accept your offer, Sir. As kind as it is, I just-

Dean stepped in front of her and pulled her chin up to meet him. “Let’s just cut through all the bullshit here lady. I just saved you from a man whom believed you stole from him. You are not this shy, naive, nor innocent.” He released her chin from his fingertips and let out a sigh. “Now, shall we be on our way, Kit, if that is your name.”

Kit’s mouth dropped slightly. What just happened? She closed her mouth and gazed up at him. “My nick name is Kit and I did steal from that man. He cheats at cards and I wanted to-

Dean took Kit’s hand and pulled her towards the stairs. “The details of why, how, and with who do not interest me, Kit. Getting home and getting out of this contraption called ballroom attire and into something less suffocating, is what interests me. That and a strong whiskey right now.

She couldn’t help but smile at his forwardness. This is refreshing for once to be seen for what I am and not an object or some man’s fantasy of some kind.

Dean sat opposite of her in the carriage. It had begun to rain. There was something so arousing about the rocking of the carriage and the sound of the rain falling onto it. He watched her body sway with the motion of it. He could swear she was biting up her bottom lip knowing he was watching her. It was so hard to see with no moon light. You cannot make any advancements towards her she was just attacked. What is she doing? Bloody hell…

Kit freed the last pin holding her hair up in place. She shook her head letting her long blond thick locks fall down around her past her shoulders. If he wants to stare he now has a reason to. No man can resist a woman with wild flowing hair. She gazed up at him locking eyes the second she did. Why is he so calm? By now he should’ve said something or moved in some way.

Dean watched her reach up and slid her delicate hand around to the back of her neck and begins to rub it. She ever so slowly rolled her head letting out a soft moan as she did tilting her chin up.

Is she serious? Oh do not give into the seduction. Just look away. Dean tried to but she had her head down and was now kneading her neck with both hands. She’s going to do it. She’s going to flip her hair up. Dear God does the woman have not an ounce of mercy? Dean’s gaze was intense and fixed on only her exposed skin. His hands clenched his own clothing at his legs as her hands massaged her own creamy soft flesh, begging for him to join her. Christ Dean just stop. Turn your head away from her wicked teasing. He tore his glare from her and focused on the passing landscape that was barely visible in the night.

Kit tossed her head up with intensity displayed the most lustful gaze for him. She was stunned to see him looking out the window. Why is he not watching-

“So if Kit is your nick name what is your given Christian name?” Dean asked not moving his stare yet from the window.

Kit fumbled for an answer. The question given the situation completely threw her off. “Ah.” He turned to face her. She saw the calm demeanor she had in the hallway earlier that night.

She slowly smiled at him. “That I cannot reveal quite yet.”

Dean chuckled. “Oh no?” he placed his index finger to his lips. She is amusing and sexy.

“No,”Kit said as she tilted her head to the side. Her gaze fell to her knee where her finger traced a small circle over her skirt. “If I were to give you a name it would only be a false anyway.” She looked up to meet his eyes. “My true identity is all I have. If I then allow you to also have it I would just be foolish then. I am a wanted woman, Sir.”


Kit blinked a few times. “I’m sorry?”

“My name is Dean. Lord Dean Falcon. That fact that you are a wanted woman makes no difference to me, Kit. I respect your privacy and will not ask again.”

The carriage pulled to a halt and Dean stepped out. He exchanged a few words with a man waiting outside. He opened the door and without looking at her stuck his hand inside for her to take. His tone was no different with the man as it had been with her. Deep controlled words came from him and she was fascinated by it.

The man talking with Dean held up a lantern and asked her to follow him. Kit got a glimpse of Dean in the dim glow. Light blue or possible green eyes gazed back at her. His black hair was wet and long, stopping at about his shoulders. Before looking away she watched his almost square jaw clench close. He is beautiful with his tanned unshaven skin. Solid broad shoulders as if he was a working man of labor.

Dean walked with the driver to the stables giving him instructions to not speak of the lady companion tonight. He took very good care of all his staff and in return they gave him their loyalty and trust.

He sent the young man off to retire and finished up with the horses and carriage. He began adding hay to the stalls. Had I seen her in the light before the carriage ride I would not have been so much in control. The depth of her green eyes are hypnotizing. I can see why poor foolish Grant was so easily duped. The way she moans is…is. Dean stilled. Is like Kitty. Damn it! Dean threw down the rake and strode off towards the estate. The anger he felt soon gave way to pure madding fury.
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