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Erotic Love Story To Tempt Your Every Desire and More...


The Temptation of a Kiss

~ Chapter 1 ~

Landon sat in a chair in the corner of Devon’s dim study. He needed to get away and think, hopefully even clear his head somewhat. It was quiet and still, possible just what he needed. He could not seem to stop his thoughts from traveling to Brook. Landon wanted so desperately to forget what had happened between them the last week, but he remained a prisoner to images of her. He was coming undone. The tortuous visions of Brook’s naked body ran out of control in his mind.
It was not just the exchange they shared three times; it was more than that, so much more. It was in every way how she had said his name. The stunning way she felt under his touch. No woman had ever looked at him that way before. Brook had wanted more of him in any way he could give her. And he ceded to her every wish.
Brook had grabbed him, begged with a pleading desire for more of what he so willingly gave to her. He yielded to her in a moment of passion. Relinquishing every part of his deepest desire for her and she knew it. He had let her know it, showing her how he longed to be with her. He had felt helpless to his own fascination with her. The past week had been explosive between them. Each time felt as if it were the first time and was going to be the last of their lives.
Afterwards, the smell of her hair and her skin lingered on him for hours. It drove him crazy and he could not bring himself to wash it off.
He had thought once he bedded her it would cure his desire for her. Instead, it made everything worse. He could see her under his naked body so vividly now. Whereas before, it was a mere imagined thought. Now, his mind was consumed with memories of her and her body and the sound of her voice crying out to him in a moment of pleasure. He still tasted her breath on his, on his lips. Envisioning the way she looked as he caressed her moist skin with the tips of his fingers.
God when was it going to end? She was lingering in his mind, on his clothes, his body, and now . . . in his heart.
Landon rose quickly and went to the bar. He threw back a large shot of whisky in one gulp. A drink Landon should never drink, given his past with it. He knocked back another one just as fast.
It wasn’t long before the affects of the fifth shot were apparent. Landon slumped down in the chair, holding a full glass of the poison. He was going to rid his mind of her tonight. At least that was what he aimed for.
Devon opened the door and walked to his desk. Going through his stack of letters was not one of his favorite things to do. He set aside all the invitations to the balls and parties for Sarah and Grams to go though later. As he gazed at the pile, he smiled at the thought of his wife. Two months ago, he was alone and now, he had Sarah.
“Does love bring about a smile for you Devon?”
Devon whipped his head around in the direction the voice was coming from. Seeing Landon slouched down in the chair, holding an empty glass was not easy for him. It brought to mind many bad memories. He recognized Landon’s tone and it was like a visit from an old acquaintance you don’t care for very much.
“Have you been here long?” Devon asked.
“I needed somewhere quiet to think. Do you mind me coming here?”
“You know I don’t Landon. Day or night you are always welcome in my home.” Devon from this point was not sure if he wanted to ask Landon what was wrong. “Do you care to talk?”
“I think I have it handled now. She is gone.” Landon’s tone was low and it hissed with anger.
Devon leaned back in his chair. “Who is gone?”
“The wicked woman haunting my thoughts. She needed to be tamed.” Landon held his empty glass in the air. “And now she is.”
“What woman are you talking about? Do I know her?” Devon asked, as he grew concerned.
Landon stood up and walked over to the bar again. “It doesn’t matter now Devon, I took care of it.” Landon poured a fresh drink all the way to the rim of his glass and then over the sides, splashing it on the bar top.
Devon watched Landon sluggishly walk back to the chair and slouch down back in it. Devon rose to talk with Landon as Sarah came dashing into the room.
“You are home,” her voice full of excitement. She embraced Devon tightly.
Devon held her close to him as he buried his nose in her neck. Then he whispered, “Words cannot convey how much I have missed you.”
Sarah pulled back from him as she smiled. Whispering back she said, “Perhaps you will show me then.”
Devon kissed her gently.
“How heartwarming.” Landon’s tone indicated his displeasure of them.
Sarah jumped with surprise. “I did not know you were here Landon. Will you not stay for dinner?” Her cheeks flushed with a deep pink color.
Devon whispered something in her ear and her gaze moved to Landon. Sarah then left the room.
Devon’s glare at Landon was fierce. “Do not ever speak to my wife in that manner.”
“Why do you love her Devon? I mean, she is very beautiful woman, but what is it really about her that made you want to throw your life away?”
Devon stared at him. He refused to allow Landon get to him. “I did it because I love her. She is everything to me Landon. Perhaps one day you will understand that yourself.”
“That is no answer Devon. I can see that Sarah is charming, funny, and well,” Landon held up his glass in front of his own face and examined it for a brief moment. Landon raised his heavy lidded gaze and met Devon’s and said, “I certainly know how sweet her lips taste.”
Devon clenched his fists at his sides. He knew he was losing control of himself. Devon strode over to Landon and grabbed the drink from his hand. He smashed the half-full glass into the fireplace. “Get the hell out!”
Landon began to chuckle. He wanted Devon to hit him. “Does that bother you to know I remember what your wife’s lips taste like? She is soft and sweet like honey. Do you taste that too?”
Chuckling again and he continued. “I have to confess I’m wondering if the rest of Sarah’s body tastes of-
Devon’s hands clenched tightly around Landon’s neck. The sound of the legs from the chair splitting echoed throughout the room.
Landon offered no resistance to Devon’s assault on him. In fact, he welcomed it. He wanted to be unconscious. His only hope was that Devon would deliver and rescue him from his thoughts of Brook. Landon wanted Devon to completely knocking out every image, memory of her lavender scent, the sound of her voice ringing in his ears, but most of all, the feeling of loss without her in his arms.
Devon punched him hard the first two times. He grabbed Landon with both hands by his shirt and shook him with brutal force. “Why are you doing this?”
“Hit me again. Harder this time,” Landon said with short breaths. He could taste the blood from his lip. It wasn’t enough. “Hit me again damn it!”

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